Arizona Trauma Institute Online Classes

Arizona Trauma Institute is the leader in Trauma Sensitive Care in Arizona. We focus on providing a foundation of learning for future leaders in healthcare. The community training we offer focuses on expanding your knowledge of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), stress as a physiological response, and healing as a collaborative process. We help you develop a lens that helps you gain deeper understanding and compassion towards yourself and the trauma sufferers. We find that our training helps caregivers increase intimacy with their children, healers increase effectiveness in their craft, and clients gain greater empowerment in their own process. We provide a framework where each individual healer can develop their own unique approach to achieve Master Healer status through our certifications and clinical coaching.

Our training doesn’t just benefit individuals. We believe that lasting change comes from also engaging with leadership of organizations and systems. It is a well-known fact that organizational change happens from the top-down. We help organizations to integrate our principles and practices of Trauma Sensitivity into their internal processes and procedures and their external interactions with their clients. Following a detailed consultation with the leadership to help us fully understand your organization’s goals and how our mission and values align with them. We then work closely with your organization to create a tailor-made plan of transition into a greater efficiency of resource use and desired outcomes.

We have found that most organizations already have the desire to help their employees have a healthier lifestyle that reduces instances of compassion fatigue and burnout, improves morale, and increases the quality and consistency of care provided to others. We help foster this critical cultural component through our training and consultations. While we do provide additional consultations as needed, our goal is to help your organization to become fully self-sufficient in the care it provides and to become a part of the network of individuals and organizations of the Master Healer Community.